Teaching is one of the noble professions in the world. A teacher is one who works for the well-being of the students, who always motivates the students to achieve their goals and also plays an important role in building a better society. I feel very happy to be a teacher. My dream has always been to be a good teacher. The reasons why I love teaching are:

1. Make Difference:

A teacher who makes the difference in the students’ lives. Being a teacher, I always try to motivate my students by sharing the stories of great personalities who excelled in their respective fields. As it is a fact that everyone will not be good at everything, a teacher has to ignite the interest in a student and guide the student so that they can excel in that area.

2. Respect:

The only profession in the world which gets the highest respect from the society is teaching. The way students and the parents’ respect, it motivates me to be a good teacher.

3. Fun:

The place where I enjoy the most is the classroom, and the time I spend with my students. It gives me an opportunity to share my ideas, thoughts and at the same time, I listen to them. It is really fun to spend time with young minds full of dreams, hopes, goals and the future heroes.

4. Learner:

Teaching makes me learn constantly. As I am an avid reader, it gives me an opportunity to get acquainted with the subjects well which helps me in teaching the students.

5. Interactive:

An important quality of the teacher is to be interactive inside the class as well as outside. I love to interact with the students so that they can ask the questions, or suggestions that will help me to understand them better.

I feel proud to be a teacher and lucky to be a part of teaching fraternity. It always drives me to start each day with a pride and enthusiasm.
I hope I will continue to make an impact on students to make their dreams come true.

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